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I heard, �??A female becomes a woman when she speaks without permission.�?� This statement was so powerful to me. Recently in my practices, I have had an increase of women between the ages of 28 to 35, college graduates, who are excelling in their careers. The underline theme has been these women questioning their identity as a black woman. So I proposed the question �??What does it mean to be a Black Woman�?�. The women I spoke to stated being a Black Woman means to live unapologetically, ... Read Full Post »

Sex is NOT a Cookie Cutter Experience

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SEX IS NOT A COOKIE CUTTER EXPERIENCE Recently I sat on a panel as an expert on sex and relationships. The audience was made up of about 90% of millennials, who were black professionals, in the Uptown Dallas area for Happy Hour. This event was hosted The Charm Skool Show which is a Youtube Show. The topic was "Cuffing Season". Cuffing Season is the period between November 1 to about February 1. Cuffing Season is when you choose a "Cuddie Buddy". This experience can be a serious or ca...

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COMING SOON in 2018 Theresa's Blog

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This blog with focus on different topics related to women's mental health. Theresa will post blog articles once a month.